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Moving To Spain From The UK - Who Should You Notify About The Move? Expat Tips

Are you a British expat planning to embark on an exciting new chapter in Spain? Moving to a different country involves various administrative tasks, and it's essential to inform the right authorities about your move to ensure a seamless transition.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of notifying government offices regarding your benefits, pension, tax, and other important considerations when relocating from the UK to Spain.

1. Notify Your Local Council

When notifying your local council about your move, provide them with your new forwarding address. This is important for updating their records and ensuring that any future correspondence, such as council tax bills or important notifications, reaches you promptly. It helps maintain a smooth line of communication with your previous local authority while you settle into your new life in Spain.

2. Benefits

Contact the relevant benefits offices responsible for managing your benefits in the UK and inform them about your relocation. They will provide guidance on how your move abroad may affect your eligibility to continue receiving benefits. Factors such as the type of benefit, duration of stay abroad, and specific regulations can impact your entitlement. It's crucial to understand the implications and necessary steps in advance to avoid any disruption in your benefits and to plan your finances accordingly.

3. Pensions

Getting in touch with the International Pension Centre is essential to understand how moving or retiring abroad will impact your pension. They can provide detailed information on your pension rights, entitlements, and the process of claiming your pension while residing in Spain. By contacting them, you can ensure that you receive the appropriate guidance and support regarding your pension during your time in Spain.

4. Student Loans

If you have an outstanding student loan in the UK, it's important to inform the Student Loans Company about your relocation. This allows them to update their records and ensure that you receive accurate information regarding loan repayment based on your new circumstances. By notifying them in advance, you can avoid any potential issues related to payment calculations and ensure a smooth continuation of your loan repayment process.

5. Tax

Informing HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) about your decision to move or retire abroad is crucial for managing your tax obligations. They can provide guidance on the appropriate tax arrangements and ensure that you pay the correct amount of tax based on your status as a UK citizen residing in Spain. This helps you fulfil your tax responsibilities without any complications and prevents any potential issues related to tax compliance.

6. Voting and Citizenship

As a British citizen living in Spain, you may still have the right to vote in UK elections. It's important to understand your voting rights and ensure that you are registered to vote from abroad. Your UK citizenship remains unaffected by your decision to move or retire abroad, and you can continue to enjoy the benefits of being a UK citizen while residing in Spain. However, if you plan to live in an EU country other than Spain, it's advisable to consult the specific country's living guide for comprehensive information regarding your rights and any necessary visa requirements.

7. EU Withdrawal Agreement

If you were legally living in an EU country before January 1, 2021, your rights are protected under the EU Withdrawal Agreement. This means that as long as you continue to reside in that EU country, your rights and entitlements will remain intact. It's important to stay informed about any updates or changes in residency rights as a UK citizen in Spain to ensure that you can continue to enjoy the benefits and protections provided under the agreement.

8. Working in Another Country

If you plan to work in a country other than Spain, it's advisable to contact the UK-based embassy or consulate of that specific country. They can provide you with detailed information regarding work permits, visa requirements, and any additional steps you need to take to pursue employment opportunities abroad. Each country has its own regulations and procedures, and seeking guidance from the relevant embassy ensures that you have accurate information and understand the necessary steps to work legally in your chosen destination.

9. Notify your bank

In addition to notifying the government offices and authorities, it is crucial to inform your bank about your move from the UK to Spain. Some bank accounts may have restrictions on accessibility while living abroad, and it is essential to understand and address this aspect. Contact your bank and inform them about your relocation to Spain to explore available options. They can provide guidance on whether your existing account will remain accessible or if you need to make alternative arrangements.

Setting up an international bank account may be a viable option to consider. International bank accounts are designed to facilitate banking transactions across borders and can offer benefits such as multi-currency functionality and ease of international transfers. Research different banks and their offerings to find the most suitable international banking solution that aligns with your needs as a British expat living in Spain. Ensuring seamless access to your finances is essential for managing your day-to-day banking needs and facilitating financial stability during your time abroad.

By proactively notifying your bank about your move, exploring available options, and potentially setting up an international bank account, you can ensure continued access to your finances and streamline your banking activities while residing in Spain.

10. Mail redirection

Another important aspect to consider when moving from the UK to Spain is redirecting your post to your new address. To ensure that you receive important mail and documents without interruption, it is advisable to set up a mail redirection service with the post office in the UK. This service allows you to redirect your mail from your previous UK address to your new address in Spain for a specified period.

Contact your local post office or visit their website to inquire about their mail redirection service. They will provide you with the necessary information, forms, and fees associated with redirecting your mail to Spain. It is recommended to arrange this service well in advance of your move to avoid any delays or potential issues with important mail reaching your new address.

By setting up mail redirection, you can stay connected and receive essential correspondence, such as bank statements, utility bills, or other important documents, ensuring that you stay informed and organised even while residing in Spain.


Moving from the UK to Spain opens up a world of opportunities, but it's crucial to inform the relevant government offices about your move. By notifying your local council, benefits offices, International Pension Centre, Student Loans Company, HMRC, and staying aware of your voting rights and citizenship, you can ensure a smooth transition and minimise any administrative complications. Stay informed, plan ahead, and embark on your Spanish adventure with peace of mind.