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Guardia civil traffic police Spain’s Covid Cases Rise As Travel Restrictions Are Tightened For Easter Spain News

Spain has seen its number of Covid-19 cases rise by two per cent in just one day.

15 out of 17 regions across the country have seen cases rise and it is becoming quite clear that the third wave of infections has come to an end but the chance of a fourth wave is growing. This is according to the latest daily data, published by the Ministry of Health, showing a two per cent rise in nationwide cases, over the last 24 hours.

Andalucia and Aragon were the only two regions exempt from the rise with -0.6% and -1.3% respectively. The sharpest rise was in Navarra (11.3%), followed by the Balearics (9.5%) and Rioja with 8.9%.

On Wednesday, a total of 7,026 cases were reported, the highest number for a single day so far this month. Sadly another 30 people lost their lives, taking Spain's official Covid death toll to a staggering 74,064.

With these figures in mind the country's health authorities, on Wednesday evening, voted to continue with the current restrictions that were put in place for Semana Santa. They also plan to intensify the roadblocks, with an aim to prevent inter-regional travel.

As Semana Santa (Easter week) approaches, it would be normal for the traffic authorities in Spain, to be preparing for the mass migration of people from Madrid and central Spain to the coastal areas.

However, with the pandemic restrictions all lined up, extra controls will be set up with an extra 64,000 police and Guardia Civil officers deployed to help ensure that all travel restrictions, in particular, the enforced ban on inter-regional travel (other than exceptional circumstances) are being observed.

The Minister of Interior Fernando Grande-Marlaska, said that sadly this year the situation at Easter is “an exceptional one” and asked all members of the public to “reduce their travel plans to the bare minimum.

The Interterritorial Committee announced last night that “the current restrictions would be maintained across Spain and the regional governments themselves would continue to decide if they wished to modify the restrictions relating to their individual regions.

The Spanish health authorities said that “they hope people understand the high probability of a fourth wave should they fail to respect the restrictions imposed” which have been put in place “to give a good deal of freedom and enable businesses to remain open.