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Passenger holding a boarding pass UK Updates Travel Advice For Those Entering Spain From March 30 Spain News

The British government has updated its travel advice for anyone looking to enter Spain from 6 pm on March 30.

After numerous reports of misleading information via the UK’s official travel to Spain website, the data on the website has now been completely revised making it clearer to anyone wishing to travel into Spain from Tuesday.

Due to the recent restrictions that were put in place, many were confused by the fact that British nationals who are legally resident in Spain were able to enter the country, however, those looking to travel from the UK into Spain for non-essential reasons were not.

There have recently been accounts in the news of airlines preventing passengers from boarding flights to Spain if there were doubts as to whether their journey was considered essential or not.

Permitted reasons to enter Spain from March 30

Below we list the permitted reasons for travelling to Spain from the UK from 6 pm on March 30.

  • Holders of a long-stay visa issued by a Member State or Schengen Associated State, who are travelling onto said country.
  • Health professionals, including health researchers, and elderly care professionals who are going to or returning from essential work.
  • Transport personnel, seafarers and aeronautical personnel.
  • Diplomatic, consular, international organizations, military, civil protection and members of humanitarian organizations.
  • Students enrolled in courses starting after 1 January 2021 who carry out their studies in an EU Member or Schengen state and who have the corresponding permit or visa and medical insurance, provided that they are travelling to the country where they are studying, and that entry occurs during the academic year or 15 days previous. Students who started an on-site or in-person course in Spain prior to 1 January 2021 will not require a permit or visa to enter, but should be prepared to provide evidence of this, such as a residence document or proof of enrolment and accommodation (dated prior to 1 January 2021).
  • Highly skilled essential workers whose work cannot be postponed or carried out remotely, including participants in high-level sports events due to take place in Spain.
  • People travelling for imperative family reasons who can demonstrate an essential need to travel.

Note that any travel must be justified by documentary evidence. Spanish border personnel may also question those arriving and check whether they meet the current entry requirements. They will reserve the right to deny entry.

Transiting Spain by air

Anyone departing from the UK and transiting a Spanish airport may do so only if their destination is outside of the Schengen area.

Only Spanish or Andorran nationals and those legally resident in Spain or Andorra can transit through Spain to other countries in the Schengen area (e.g. Portugal, France) while these restrictions are in place.

Travellers who are looking to transit through Spain on their return to the UK may do so, although they will need to show evidence of their connecting flight and provide a negative PCR, TMA or LAMP test if entering Spanish territory.

Overland transit from France, Portugal and Gibraltar

From March 30, all travellers from France looking to enter Spain via road or rail will be required to present a negative PCR, TMA or LAMP test which must be taken within 72 hours of entering Spain.

While these testing requirements don’t apply to overland travellers from Portugal, Andorra and Gibraltar, travel into Spain from all locations is limited.

Rail and ferry connections between Portugal and Spain have been suspended.

Border checks between Spain and Portugal are now in place with only cross border workers, goods traffic and those entering or exiting Portugal to return to their place of residence will be granted passage.

There are currently restrictions in place for anyone looking to enter Spain via Gibraltar. Only those who are legally resident in Spain or Gibraltar or a cross border worker will be granted passage.

In all circumstances, you will be asked to demonstrate that your journey is necessary by providing documentation that meets the criteria above.