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Juanma Moreno Andalucia Announces No Curfew Or Perimeter Closures From May 9 Spain News

With just three days to go before Spain’s national State of Alarm officially ends on May 9, the Junta de Andalucia has announced that there will be no curfews or perimeter closure of the autonomous community after this date.

According to La Opinion de Malaga, the Junta is currently working on a plan for Andalucia to “transition to normality”, once a committee meets on Thursday, May 6.

However, Andalucia’s regional president, Juanma Moreno did stress that if there was an increase in the regions infection numbers, the nighttime curfew which currently runs from 11 pm to 6 am, maybe reimplemented. He did, however, say that there was no reason to apply it after May 9.

In regards to the regional perimeter closures, will request the confinement of municipalities in Andalucia which present a cumulative incidence rate of 14 days higher than 500 cases per 100,000 people, a measure that has been in force since mid-January.

For this, we will have to request judicial endorsement and that we will do in time and form, in an exquisite way, safeguarding the spaces and regulatory competencies but we will do it,” Moreno has said.

Moreno said that from Sunday, the Board would plan a “progressive opening of commercial freedom” and that an extension of business hours would be considered including bars and restaurants.

We will do it progressively, in two phases, until we are sure that we have immunised 50 per cent to 60 per cent of the population,” said Moreno.

I am in favour of the fact that as more immunised people have the possibility of having more freedom, that they can access stadiums, sports competitions, cultural events … that they can develop a much fuller social and economic life. That is why they have been immunised”, said Moreno.

The Andalucian Executive will take this matter back to the Interterritorial Council today.


Image Credit: Junta de Andalucia