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Empty wine glasses with car keys 14% Of Spanish Motorists Regularly Drive While Under The Influence Of Alcohol Study Finds Spain News

Driving under the influence of alcohol in Spain is common practice for 14% of drivers, according to a study given to the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT), by Insurance comparator

We are all aware of the consequences of drinking and driving and in Spain, alcohol is one of the main causes of road deaths. Despite this fact, 80% of drivers who lost their lives in traffic accidents just last year exceeded the legal limit of 1.2 grams per litre of blood.

Yet sadly and despite all the surveillance campaigns monitoring the Spanish roads, a percentage of Spanish drivers still don’t seem to understand the dangers of driving after consuming alcohol.

The study revealed that a whopping 45% of Spaniards, according to the surveyees themselves, have at some point driven having consumed alcohol. The survey didn’t specify whether the consumption was enough to exceed the legal limit allowed but it did show that 14% of drivers did drive on a regular basis after drinking alcohol.

It also recorded that 14% have also driven after exceeding the legal limit of a breathalyser test, even though they know they are risking their lives and the lives of others on the roads.

Surprisingly these attitudes are not due to ignorance of the laws regarding maximum alcohol rates that are allowed by the DGT. In actual fact, 90% of the drivers who took part in the study, have stated that they are perfectly aware of the laws.

There was, however, some positive data in the study, as 60% of those surveyed claimed they avoided alcohol before driving for fear of a possible fine. This percentage is nevertheless still too low considering the consequences it can bring to drive when drunk.

As previously mentioned alcohol plays a major part in road accidents in Spain and figures from this study are quite consistent with reality. Figures show that 48.7% of drivers killed in traffic accidents in 2020, had in fact consumed either alcohol, drugs or psychotropic drugs, a figure that is 3.2% more than the previous year.

Of the tally of drivers who died with alcohol being the key factor, more than 80% are above 1.2gr/I, which is more than double the legal maximum rate allowed for drivers.

The message from the Insurance company is if you are going out to have a drink or two, do not take your car, instead take a taxi, public transport or arrange for someone to pick you up.