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Car speed dial Speed Assistant Devices To Be Made Mandatory In Spanish Cars Spain News

The year 2022 will bring with it many changes to driving in Spain. The Dirección General de Tráfico’s ( DGT) main focus is to cut down significantly on the number of serious injuries and deaths on Spanish roads. One of those changes is the obligation that all new European cars must be equipped, as standard, with various driving assistants.

An enormous number of accidents in both Spain and throughout the whole of Europe are caused by speeding and this is why from this year all new vehicles will be installed with a speed assist device that is known as the ISA system. This device is designed to guarantee that drivers keep to the speed limits, in effect helping to reduce the number of road traffic accidents.

The main purpose of the speed assistant is to adapt the maximum speed the car should be travelling in each section of the road, as indicated by road signs.

According to the DGT, this works by the ISA detecting how fast the car is travelling via a camera that is located, usually in the rear-view mirror. This camera detects road signs and then, in connection with the vehicle's GPS, the system will notify the driver if they are driving above the speed limit detected.

This clever device doesn’t just detect if the driver is driving too fast, it will also actually slow the vehicle down to the maximum speed limit of the road being travelled on. The system doesn’t try to brake the vehicle, but simply adjusts the engine revolutions to maintain a constant allowed speed.

Be that as it may, the ISA system can quite easily be disconnected by the driver. This can be done by either pressing the ‘off’ button which is located on the passenger side of the car or by tapping the accelerator in order to override the device. Drivers must, however, still respect all road safety regulations.

The device will have three options that the driver can choose from when using it. They are…

  • Informational: The driver is informed that they are speeding by means of a signal.
  • Warning: When exceeding speed, the informational signs will be maintained and light pressure will be added to the accelerator pedal.
  • Mandatory: This level prevents the car from exceeding the speed limit electronically, as discussed in its operation. The driver is allowed to brake and also continue to accelerate if he does so forcefully.