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Kitchen workers Number Of Foreign Workers In Spain Grows With 2,348,595 Registered In May Spain News

As a destination, Spain remains an attractive proposition for foreigners with recently published official figures showing that there were 2,348,595 registered in May.

Once seasonal and calendar effects are removed, the numbers mean that an additional 4,958 were added from the previous month and 159,174 more than in February 2020 just prior to the start of the pandemic.

In fact, the number of foreign social security affiliates has continued to soar unabated in 2022, with almost 42,000 new registrations in the first five months so far.

Average monthly affiliates

Looking at the average without seasonal adjustment, there were 2,426,625 foreign social security contributors. Of these, 849,733 were from EU countries (35%) and 1,576,892 third-country nationals.

Male workers have a slight majority with 55.8% of the total (1,356,247) with women 44.1% (1,070,378).

The largest number of workers by nationality are from Romania with 348,126. This is followed by Morocco (310,691), Italy (156,681), Colombia (112,349) and Venezuela (111,683).

Ukrainian affiliates up

The number of Ukrainian affiliates has continued to grow since the start of the conflict. The number of workers has increased by 7.44% (7,200) over the past month bringing the total number of Ukrainian workers to 54,778.

Affiliates by autonomous region

The whole of Spain is popular for foreign workers, however, some regions attract more than others.

The Balearics saw the biggest rise, up 16.07% and bringing the total number of foreign affiliates there to 93,082.

This was followed by La Rioja (+8.40%), Aragón (+6.68%) and Extremadura ( +6.25%)

Catalunya has the largest number of foreign affiliates with 490,400 which is followed by the capital city Madrid (418,787) and Andalucia (260,566).

Self-employment popular with foreign workers

Self-employment or Autonomo remains a popular choice for many foreigners here in Spain.

The latest data from the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations shows that in May there were 396,916 self-employed foreigners in Spain, up 0.9% from April.


Chart Images: La Moncloa