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Spain’s Jobless Numbers At 14-Year Low As Unemployment Falls For Fifth Consecutive Month Spain News

Spain has registered another fall in unemployment for June bringing the total number of people out of work to a 14-year low.

In June, unemployment fell by 42,409 thanks to a revitalised hospitality industry which is slowly starting to recover following the Coronavirus pandemic.

Although the unemployment data for the month was positive, the June figures are still the lowest they have been since 2008 when a fall of 36,849 was registered.

Furthermore, the figures for June are less than half the fall which was registered in May which saw 99,592 fewer people unemployed.

Unemployment falls for the fifth month in a row

The fall in unemployment for June is the fifth consecutive month in 2022 and means that there are now 2,880,582 out of work, the lowest since October 2008.

Over the past 12 months, unemployment has fallen by 20.3% with 733,757 finding employment.

Unemployment fell in all regions except Andalucia

It was positive news for all of the country's autonomous communities except for Andalusia which saw an increase of 6,345 - an increase of 0.84%.

By region, the number of unemployed increased in all of them apart from Malaga and Cadiz. Huelva saw an increase of 6,958, Sevilla (3,000), Almeria (2,606), Cordoba (960), Granada (257) and Jaén (12).

The Malaga region saw the biggest fall with 4,116 back in work, with Cadiz also registering positive numbers with 3,332 fewer unemployed.

Unemployment by sector

The services sector saw the largest fall in unemployed, down 41,017. This was followed by Industry with 7,148 and Construction with 4,981. However, the Agriculture sector recorded an increase of 8,863.

In total there were 115,607 new jobs, which was the third-best June on record in terms of job creation.

Of those, 49,337 were in the hotel industry, a sector which had been hit hardest by the pandemic. Commerce also saw a large number of new jobs with 30,946. These were followed by Administrative Activities (24,057) and Health (21,585).

However, the news was not so good for the education sector which recorded 47,933 fewer positions following the end of the school year.

Minister of Labour Yolanda Díaz (pictured) was upbeat about the data which she said was “good news” but stressed that “much remained to be done”.


Image Credit: La Moncloa