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UK And Spain Reach Agreement On Licence Exchange For British Nationals Spain News

Hugh Elliott, the UK Ambassador to Spain has confirmed that an agreement has finally been made between the British and Spanish governments in regard to the exchange of licences for UK nationals living in Spain.

Via the British Embassy’s Facebook page, Elliott said “I can tell you today that we have now made a very significant step forward.

You will recall that we have been in discussions with the Spanish for some weeks over two outstanding, complex issues and I’m pleased to tell you that we have now reached an agreement on those two points.

However, in his video address, Elliott didn’t mention how many weeks it would be before Brits living in Spain could exchange their licences and get back on the road, but did stress that the final legal process was already under control.

It will now be down to the Spanish Council of Ministers to approve the new legislation and once they do, details will be published in the state bulletin (BOE).

After being published in the BOE, expats in Spain who need to exchange their licences will have six months to do so. Most importantly, those who are using a UK driving licence may continue to drive in Spain while waiting for their appointment to make the exchange.

Mr Elliott said, “Now I know this has not been an easy time for those of you who have been unable to drive. But I hope that this latest news gives you some reassurance and helps you consider your next steps.

We will keep you up to date on any further developments and provide more information on the process for licence exchange itself.

The news will come as a huge relief to the many thousands of UK nationals living in Spain who have not been able to drive since May 1. Many were dreading the possibility of having to take their driving test in Spain.

The British Embassy has never clarified why the whole process to come to an agreement has taken more than two years, but it is believed that Spain asked for ongoing access to UK licence holder’s data, which is something the UK did not want to grant.