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Spain Welcomed 80 Million Air Passengers In 2022 Spain News

New data shows that Spain received 80 million air passengers during 2022, a recovery of 85 percent of its pre-Covid numbers.

These latest figures were released today, Wednesday, January 18, by the national travel agency Turespaña and will be very much welcomed by the Spanish tourist sector which suffered huge losses during the pandemic.

Figures in the report differed from month to month, with the winter months showing the greatest recovery with more than 5.7 million passengers landing at Spanish airports in December alone. A recovery of 95 percent of visitors from pre-Covid levels.

Reyes Maroto, Minister for Travel and Industry, expressed her confidence for a fantastic year ahead thanks to the latest data stating “We saw this with the excellent employment figures that were released yesterday, with record numbers of people employed in the tourism sector, and we’re seeing it today in these fantastic passenger arrival figures which show the strength of the sector and point towards a record year in 2023”.

The news of the growing number of visitors to Spanish shores comes after a year when travel restrictions, that were in place due to the Covid-19 pandemic, were finally removed.

People from the tourist sector say they have started to see the industry bloom once again and look forward to welcoming more tourists in 2023.