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Gibraltar Government Confirms Red ID Card Holders Should Not Have Their Passports Stamped When Entering Spain Spain News

The government of Gibraltar has informed its residents holding red ID cards that they can continue to cross the Spanish border, without having their passports stamped or giving a reason for their entry into the country.

The government issued this clarification in response to reports from red ID card holders who claimed that they were being asked about the purpose of their entry and having their passports stamped by border authorities.

In an official press release, the government of Gibraltar explained that the stamping of passports of residents holding red ID cards had been carried out sporadically by officers who were unaware of the agreements between the two countries.

The government emphasised that red ID card holders should only have their passports stamped if they are entering Spain and then travelling to another EU/Schengen Area country, in which case they may be required to provide a reason for travel.

However, those planning to only visit Spain should not be required to provide a reason for travel. The government reminded everyone that it is their responsibility to request that their passports be stamped if they plan to travel further outside of Spain.

It is important to note that while Gibraltar red ID card holders can enter Spain under facilitated rules, this is not the case for others.

Since the UK has left the European Union, Gibraltar residents are now considered third-country nationals, and according to EU rules, they must provide a reason for travel and have their passports stamped. Additionally, they must provide information about where they will be staying in the EU and when they will be returning, as well as proof of sufficient financial means to support themselves during their stay in the bloc.