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Basque Country, Catalonia, And Valencia Awarded Majority Of Spain's Electric Car Subsidies Spain News

Spain's Ministry of Industry has revealed that companies based in the Basque Country, Catalonia, and Valencia have received the majority of government funds for electric car manufacturing in Spain.

Spain's Minister of Industry, Trade, and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, presented a report on PERTE funds in her last Council of Ministers meeting, and according to figures, out of the 793 million euros distributed by the Ministry of Industry to boost electric vehicle manufacturing and other technology, as well as for the purchase and installation of charging points, around 75 percent has gone to these three regions.

The Basque Country is set to receive the most overall, with 209.1 million euros, followed by Catalonia with 198.7 million euros and Valencia with 186 million euros.

Madrid and Andalusia are also among the top beneficiaries of public subsidies for the installation of electric charging infrastructure.

The funds that are part of the Electric and Connected Vehicle programme in Spain's Proyectos Estratégicos para la Recuperación y Transformación Económica (PERTE), come from the wider EU Recovery Fund pool.

The Spanish government has authorised 2.069 billion euros of electric vehicle subsidies out of the planned 4.295 billion euros, with around 1.3 billion euros already made available to companies.

The Ministry of Industry has funded ten projects so far to develop and manufacture electric vehicles, primarily led by large car manufacturers like Seat, Mercedes, and Renault but supported by small businesses across Spain.


Catalonia, Valencia, Madrid, and Andalusia have all received significant subsidies to promote the purchase of electric cars and the installation of charging points.

During her last press conference before beginning her campaign for Madrid mayor, Minister Maroto encouraged regional governments to simplify the process of accessing these funds.

Catalonia has received 63.9 million euros for car purchases, followed by Valencia with 48.7 million and Madrid with 48 million euros. Andalusia and Galicia come next with 35.1 million and 24 million euros respectively.

For charging infrastructure, Catalonia and Madrid lead the way with 35.4 million euros, followed by Andalusia and Valencia with 34.4 million and 34.3 million euros respectively.

Castilla-La Mancha is the next biggest beneficiary, receiving 22.8 million euros for electric charging points. However, according to ANFAC's 2022 statistics, charging points are still unequally distributed in Spain, with only four regions accounting for 60 percent of them.