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Spain Sees A Surge In Electric Bike Sales As Motorists Opt For Cheaper Transport Options Spain News

With the cost of living crisis and the removal of the 20 cent per litre fuel bonus, motorists in Spain have been looking at cheaper ways to get around on a daily basis.

According to the Bicycle Barometer in Spain, 20 million people, or 57.1 percent of the Spanish population use their bikes on a regular basis. But despite its popularity, the bicycle is being replaced by the electric bike in cities across the country.

Low emissions zones are due to be rolled out in larger cities at some point this year and with this in mind, many drivers have already decided to make the switch from cars to electric bikes.

Data from Norauto, shows that the annual saving from using an electric bike, instead of a car, is 2,101 euros. As well as saving money, using an electric bike also helps the environment with a reduction of 99 percent carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Spain currently has 900,000 electric bikes in circulation, making them more popular than the electric scooter and the highest-used electrical vehicle in the country. And with more electric charging points being installed across Spain, it really is a more economical option than a diesel or petrol car.

The study also indicates that most people choose to use an electric bike, instead of a car to benefit from the many associated health benefits. These include improving cardiovascular health, reducing bad cholesterol and high blood pressure, helping with weight loss, and promoting better mental health by reducing anxiety and stress.

This is followed closely by its contribution to saving money and being a more sustainable way of travelling.

However, the electric bike isn’t just for those who are physically fit, as with the built-in battery, pedalling the bike isn’t necessary at all, and navigating tough terrain or getting up hills is a piece of cake.