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Air Taxis To Fly Over Spain In 2024 Spain News

NextNorth, the pioneering air taxi firm, is eagerly preparing to launch its services in the Balearic Islands, marking a significant milestone in the region's transportation landscape.

With pending authorisation from the European Union Agency for Aviation Safety (EASA), NextNorth aims to introduce its cutting-edge air taxi operations on the islands.

Resembling manned drones, the flying taxis or passenger transport drones are state-of-the-art ‘eVTOL’ meaning they possess the unique ability to vertically take off and land, offering a seamless and efficient experience for passengers. Each aircraft will accommodate up to five individuals, providing a comfortable and exclusive mode of travel.

To make this innovative service accessible, NextNorth has set the starting prices at a reasonable ninety euros. Leveraging its prior experience serving at the Qatar World Cup, the company has chosen the Balearic Islands as its base to establish an air taxi service featuring environmentally friendly electric aircraft.

The flights will primarily cater to intra-island travel, connecting popular destinations such as Mallorca, Ibiza, Formentera, and Menorca. This new air taxi service presents a compelling alternative to conventional transportation modes, including air routes, boats, and roads.

Passengers who wish to travel across the Balearic Islands will be able to reserve the entire air taxi for their sole use or they can ride share. They will also be able to book their seats on a number of journeys.

These flights will operate outside traditional airports and aerodromes, so NextNorth must obtain mandatory authorisation from the European Union Agency for Aviation Safety (EASA). Gonzalo Grandes, a spokesperson for Next North, confidently anticipates securing this authorisation by 2024.

NextNorth aspires to be a prominent player in the emerging field of last-mile aviation, offering customers a novel mobility solution. By booking intra-island and inter-island flights with NextNorth, the public can save up to 80 percent of travel time while significantly reducing their carbon footprint.

The electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft employed by NextNorth are far more environmentally friendly as it doesn’t use jet fuel, instead, it relies on clean energy to power their batteries, aligning with the company's commitment to sustainable transportation.

Before the flying taxis take to the air in Spain, NextNorth will take one final step by sending passengers up in helicopters to help determine the best routes and locations, offering a “mobility alternative to some of the land and sea routes.”

In parallel with the commencement of operational routes, Bluenest, a forward-thinking company, is set to embark on the construction of vertiports and logistics lockers on the islands. These infrastructure developments will serve as vital connectors between the newly introduced aircraft and ground mobility services.

Bluenest's visionary approach aims to optimise the overall transportation experience by seamlessly integrating air travel with efficient on-ground logistics. The establishment of vertiports, designed specifically for the new aircraft, will provide designated takeoff and landing points, ensuring convenient access for passengers.

Simultaneously, logistics lockers will be strategically positioned to enable smooth transfers of passengers and cargo between air taxis and other transportation modes. This holistic approach will enhance the connectivity and efficiency of the entire transportation ecosystem.

Bluenest's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction aligns perfectly with the introduction of the new air taxi service. By establishing veriports and logistics lockers, Bluenest demonstrates its dedication to revolutionising mobility on the islands, offering a comprehensive and interconnected transportation solution for both residents and visitors alike.