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Severe Thunderstorm Disrupts Ryanair Flights In Spain Prompting Travel Warning Spain News

In a recent weather-related travel advisory, Ryanair has cautioned holidaymakers traveling to or from Spain this week as a powerful thunderstorm accompanied by heavy rainfall wreaks havoc across the nation.

Passengers flying with Ryanair have been alerted to the possibility of flight delays and disruptions as the budget airline reacts to the adverse weather conditions. Specifically, Ryanair has issued a travel warning for British tourists planning to visit or depart from Spain on Thursday, September 14, due to the ongoing severe weather. Travellers have been advised to check their flight status through the Ryanair app before heading to the airport, according to reports from the Express.

The alert coincides with Spain's struggle to cope with the aftermath of a potent thunderstorm that struck earlier in the week. The towns of Nules, Burriana, and Almassora were severely affected by these thunderstorms.

The Spanish meteorological agency, Aemet, has issued yellow weather warnings for numerous regions throughout the country. Regions like Tarragona, Valencia, Alicante, and Castellon are all under warnings for heavy rainfall and storms. Local reports indicate that the storm in Burriana brought winds reaching speeds of up to 80 mph (130 km per hour), resulting in the toppling of trees, lampposts, and walls.

Furthermore, Majorca is currently under a yellow warning for heavy rainfall and thunderstorms, along with inland areas like Madrid and Segovia. The continuous heavy rainfall raises concerns about potential flooding in low-lying communities near rivers, streams, and creeks, with urban areas situated close to waterways also at risk.

A spokesperson from Ryanair stated, "Some potential delays to/from Spain today (Thursday, September 14) due to thunderstorms. Affected passengers will be notified, and any passengers traveling to/from Spain today should check the Ryanair app for flight updates before heading to the airport. We regret any inconvenience caused to passengers by these thunderstorms, which are outside of Ryanair’s control and affect all airlines operating to/from Spain today, Thursday, September 14."

Weather experts anticipate that weather warnings will remain in effect on Friday, with certain regions being upgraded to amber warnings. The weather forecast is expected to improve by Saturday, although tourists are encouraged to stay updated with the latest information through weather apps.

These storms are the latest addition to a series of intense weather events that have impacted Europe this summer. The increased impact of climate change has raised concerns and disrupted the travel plans of millions of people.

Just last week, several regions in Greece, Turkey, and Bulgaria were battered by Storm Daniel, resulting in heavy rainfall and devastating flooding that damaged numerous homes and claimed multiple lives. Greece experienced record-breaking rainfall on September 5-6, with one station in the village of Zagora reporting 750 mm of rainfall within 24 hours—equivalent to approximately 18 months of rainfall.

Earlier in the summer, Greece grappled with wildfires in Rhodes and the Athens area, exacerbated by months of scorching and dry weather—a consequence of global heating driven by human-produced emissions.

Southern France, Spain, and Italy, all popular destinations for British tourists, have also grappled with exceptionally high temperatures this summer, underscoring the impact of climate change on weather patterns. According to the Copernicus Climate Change Service, the June-July-August (JJA) season for 2023 registered as the warmest on record globally, with an average temperature of 16.77°C, surpassing the average by 0.66°C.


Image Credit: Ryanair