Bottled Water Prices To Be Reduced At Spanish Airports Spain News

Passenger complaints of overcharging for drinks leads to a clampdown.

Airports across Spain are making sure that their shops and vending machines are supplying reasonably priced water to all travelling passengers. The Spanish airport authority, Aena, has instructed airport shops that they have to sell a reasonable number of bottles of water under 500ml at €1 or less.

The €1 limit comes after many passengers complained of overpriced water which many people feel is a basic human right to be given. After an investigation by the Spanish Ombudsman in 2015, a recommended price of €1.60 was suggested. However, Aena have since lowered the price to a more reasonable cost of just €1.

Currently, passengers in six major Spanish airports can enjoy purchasing a bottle of water under 500ml for less than €1 in over 19 shops and 134 vending machines. Furthermore, Spanish airports are also working harder to install more water fountains across the airports, so that passengers can fill up their bottles for free.

So far, there are 193 water fountains in Spanish airports which are free to use so travellers can stay hydrated and avoid high water costs. While liquid restrictions mean you cannot take your own bottled water through airport security into the terminal, you can take an empty bottle to fill up.

Bringing your own refillable water bottle can help you to save money while travelling. If you cannot find a water fountain nearby, it may be worth asking the airport cafes and restaurants to see if they will fill up your bottle for free.