New Petrol Pump Labelling For Spain and Europe Spain News

On the 12th of October, new E.U. regulations will come into force and will mean a change in how petrol and diesel is labelled on petrol pumps and vehicles in a drive to standardise the system within the EU zone.

At the moment the different types of fuels you add are labelled such as gasolina 95, gasolina 98, sin plomo etc, but new labelling symbols will be used that use circles, squares and triangles with numbers in them such as those above.

Gasolina/Sin Plomo 95 will now become a circular E10, Gasolina 98 will be displayed as a circular E5 and Diesel will become a square B7 or B10. The E stands for bio-Ethanol and the numbers mean either 5% or 10% bio-Ethanol content.

Likewise with the diesel, the “B” means Biodiesel and the number means 7% or 10% content.

There will be a number of other designations including Hydrogen Fuel which will become “H10”, Compressed Natural Gas will be “CNG”, Synthetic Diesel will be “XTL”, Liquid Natural Gas will be “LNG” and Liquid Propane Gas will be labelled “LPG”.

Other non-EU countries will also adopt the new labelling including Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Macedonia, Serbia, Switzerland, Norway and Turkey.

The new system will be gradually phased in across the current 28 EU member states from the 12th of October with all vehicles manufactured after this date adopting the symbols on the fuel filler cap.

The changes will of course mean that drivers will need to be extra cautious when filling up their vehicles to avoid refuelling with the wrong type of fuel!