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Spain’s Sun Tax To Be Scrapped To Reduce Household Bills Spain News

It has been recently announced by Spanish ministers that the country’s controversial 7% solar ‘sun tax’ is to be repealed under a new Royal Decree.

The sun tax decree was originally approved by former Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy in October 2015, but will now be abolished according to Teresa Ribera, Energy and Environment minister.

The tax was placed on units that had a capacity of 10 kilo watts or more and of which were connected to the national grid.

Ribera believed that the tax was seriously hampering Spain’s solar energy sector, which is apparent considering that Spain only has around 1,000 privately installed units compared to Germany, which has around one million installed and far less sunshine per year.

Ribera said "This country is finally freeing itself from the great absurdity, scorned by most international observers, that is the ‘sun tax".

According to the E.U. Spain is the sixth most expensive in Europe for electricity bills. The move will aim at making renewable energy a lot more accessible to the general public and at the same time reduce household energy bills and help the environment in the process.