European Leaders Back Brexit Deal Spain News

The 27 remaining states of the EU have agreed on the terms of Britain’s withdrawal agreement.

At the Brussels summit on November 25th 2018, the remaining 27 states of the EU endorsed two of the key documents that set out Britain’s withdrawal from the EU next year. In the summit lasting less than an hour, all leaders agreed to the 585-page withdrawal agreement as well as the document that declares the shared goals between Britain and the EU for the future.

While EU leaders have given their backing, the agreement is still to be passed by the British parliament. Already, many lawmakers have said they will vote against it, despite the Prime Minister, Theresa May saying that it is the only possible deal. President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker also called it “the best possible deal”.

Gibraltar Deal

The EU agreement at the recent Brussels summit came after a last-minute agreement with Madrid about the future of Gibraltar. The British government assured Madrid by confirming that a future EU – UK trade treaty would automatically apply to Gibraltar.

Questions over Gibraltar’s sovereignty also remains. Spain wants a bilateral agreement over sovereignty. However, Britain has firmly stated that they will not enter an agreement of the sovereignty of Gibraltar unless the government and the people of the British overseas territory agree. At the moment, there is no pressure group or government party in Gibraltar that want a union with Spain.