UK Drivers May Have To Pay Up To £1,800 To Drive In EU After Brexit Spain News

Cost of driving in the EU may rise steeply for UK citizens after Britain leaves the EU.

Another fall-out from Brexit is the fact that ex-pats and UK motorists who drive abroad regularly may have to suffer from high costs to be able to drive in Europe. Experts have found that for many UK citizens it may cost a significant amount more to drive in Europe post Brexit.

One of the most significant aspects of driving abroad will be the fact that UK citizens are likely to require an International Driving Permit to drive in EU countries. However, there are several different types of permit, and the one that motorists will require will depend on the country they drive in. If a motorist plans to drive in multiple countries, then they may need multiple driving permits.

It is estimated that the collective cost for British motorists to obtain International Driving Permits could be as much as £36 billion.

Another aspect which could raise the cost of driving in the EU is that fact that those living in the EU permanently are likely to need driving licences and to sit a driving test so that they can drive in the country they live. Some countries will also specify that you need a set number of lessons before you can sit your driving test. Ex-pats who have exchanged their licence before the 29th March 2019 are unlikely to need to resit the test.

For example, in Spain, the average cost for lessons, practical and theory tests is €800, if the driver passes the first time. If not, and the test needs to be retaken, then the average cost rises to €1,500.

In France, a typical driving school begins with 20 hours of lessons. Motorists also have to pay for the cost of registration and test application fee. The price, on average, is around €1,300.

In Germany, it is a requirement to have at least 25 hours of lessons, alongside the cost of the licence, it can cost motorists at least €2,000 to obtain a German driving licence.

UK citizens who reside abroad are encouraged to exchange their licence before the 29th March 2019, so that they do not have to retake a test or participate in driving lessons.

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