UK Citizens Assured Of Visa-Free Access For The EU Spain News

Committee backs rule that EU citizens can enter the UK without a visa and UK citizens can receive the same benefit in the EU.

The Civil Liberties Committee of the European Union (LIBE) has voted unanimously in favour of visa-free entry to the EU and the UK after Brexit. With 53 votes for the rule that would enable UK passport holders to travel across the EU without a visa. Similarly, EU citizens would be able to travel to the UK without a visa.

To be confirmed, the EU Parliament and Council must agree on the bill, which enables the UK to join the list of countries which are visa-exempt. However, with the bill, it is important to stress that it does not guarantee the right for a traveller to work in the EU.

If the bill is accepted and there is a visa-free regime, then UK citizens will still need to register before a trip to the EU. Britons will have to apply for visa-free entry through the European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS). The EU president, Jean-Claude Juncker, also made it clear that UK citizens will need to obtain an ETIAS before EU travel.

The rapporteur for the proposal of the vote that took place, Claude Moraes, says; “This will go some way to clarifying EU visa policy after Brexit, while we work for other key assurances for British and EU citizens at the same time.