Estepona’s New University Gets The Green Light Spain News

A new university in Estepona on the Costa del Sol has been given the go-ahead after an agreement was reached between the Institucion Internacional SEK and the Antonia Guerrero Diaz Foundation.

The University will be the second private uni within Andalucia, with the first being the University of Loyola.

Until the new campus has been completed, the Estepona City Council has agreed to the use of the Centro Cultural Padre Manuel. This will allow the institution to start functioning before the future university campus is actually built.

The City Council acquired the centre free of charge from the Santo Cristo de la Vera Cruz Charity Construction Association, with the condition of it being assigned as the headquarters of the University.

They emphasise that the university project “contributes to the promotion of the social, cultural and economic development of the municipality, and will be an element of the evident revitalisation of the city from multiple aspects”.

The University will offer official degrees, as well as having a quality research programme. This will guarantee top quality teaching and research staffing to give the certainty of a first-class educational service.

In order for the new university to move forward, a physical location must be acquired to gain recognition of the future University and to also obtain authorisation from the Junta de Andalucia. These are requirements that are demanded by the Andalusian Law of Universities.

The City Council has stated that it will start legal procedures to obtain a plot in the Guadalobon area, where the university campus could be located.

The Antonia Guerrero Foundation has also pledged to sell some of their assets so that they have the funds to guarantee the implementation of the university and of the future campus.

The SEK Educational Institution was founded in 1892 in the centre of Madrid and currently has nine schools, SEK International Schools and a University. It is defined as a “free and autonomous entity, not linked to any religious, political or economic group”.

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