Spain's COVID Radar App Goes Live In Malaga And Almeria From Monday Spain News

Spain’s Ministry of Health has confirmed that the contact tracing app ‘Radar COVID’ will be operational in the provinces of Malaga and Almeria from Monday 24, August.

The announcement was made by the mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre after being informed by the councillor for Health and Families Jesús Aguirre that his province along with Almeria would be two of the first regions to make use of the app.

He said, "It is very important that at least 60% of the population install it on our smartphone. It will thus be very useful for everyone”.

The app will be launched in both Malaga and Almeria first as these are the Andalusian regions with the largest number of Coronavirus infections.

The Spanish government offered all of the autonomous communities the option to launch the app in their territories following the pilot testing that took place between June 29 and July 31 on the island of La Gomera in the Canary Islands.

The app can currently be downloaded by anyone in Spain, however, it will only be operational in your area once your autonomous community activates it within their health system.

The aim of the app will be to track and trace whether you have come into contact with someone who has been infected by the virus.

The app is free to download for both Android and Apple mobile devices from their respective app stores below with the government maintaining that the app is secure with any transmitted data 100% anonymous.

Once installed, the smartphone will need to have Bluetooth enabled for the app to be able to function correctly. You will also be able to configure the app to display the information in multiple languages including English.

It is believed that the app will be available for the Canary and Balearic Islands from Mid-August and the whole of Spain by September 15. However, it may be slowly phased into the different regions starting with those that experience the highest number of COVID cases.

You can read further information about the app from the La Moncloa government website here

You can download the app for your respective mobile operating system at the addresses below.


Image Credit: La Moncloa