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Person using laptop with cyber security displayed on screen How To Get A Digital Certificate For Spain Expat Tips

These days, many of the most common administrative tasks can be carried out online and living here in Spain is no different.

However, with the constant threat of cybercrime including identity theft, any process undertaken online must be done so safely as not to expose your private data to the wrong people.

Below we cover everything you need to know about obtaining your digital certificate in Spain so that you can carry out the most essential administrative processes from the comfort of your own home.

In this article, you will learn

  • What a digital certificate is
  • Why you might need one
  • What kind of administrative procedures they can be used for
  • How to download the official software
  • How to apply online and complete the verification process.

Let’s take a look.

What is a digital certificate?

A digital certificate or ‘Certificado Digital’ is simply an electronic ID that permits you to carry out a range of administrative functions online from your computer or another tech device.

It is a digital document that is issued by the state and allows you to verify your identity when carrying out government-related bureaucratic processes.

In many cases, the digital certificate prevents the need for you to physically go to an office and confirm your identity.

Why do you need a digital certificate in Spain?

Fortunately, the introduction of the digital certificate in Spain means that many processes that were once very time consuming now take only a fraction of the time.

The digital certificate allows you to complete a wide range of procedures from home including those related to immigration, filing of tax returnsregistering as self-employed or even registering your documents when applying for the new TIE residence permit.

You can also use it when banking, dealing with the Spanish judicial system or when registering on the Spanish version of the electoral roll, the Padron.

There are many other things you can use your digital certificate for and in the long run, it will make these processes a whole lot quicker.

How to get your Spanish digital certificate

The first step to obtaining your digital certificate is to download the software from the FNMT (Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre) to your computer.

Go to

Digital Certificate Download

You will then need to download the software to your computer and run through the installation process which will take just a few moments.

The version you download will depend on your computer’s operating system.

Once installed you can then proceed to apply for your digital certificate by visiting the following official Sede Electronica website. 

Digital Certificate Form FNMT

Once at this page you will be presented with a simple form (above) to complete. This will ask you for the following personal information.

  • PRIMER APELLIDO - Your surname as it appears on your identity documents
  • CORREO ELECTRÓNICO - Your email address
  • Confirme aquí su CORREO ELECTRÓNICO - Confirmation of your email address.

Once you have entered your details, you will need to click the link that says

Pulse aquí para consultar y aceptar las condiciones de expedición del certificado

This then displays the terms of use and privacy policy for the digital certificate and its usage.

You will now need to simply put a tick in the box and click on “Enviar petición”.

This then opens the software that you previously installed.

Your details including your NIE number will then be checked. If confirmed, you will then be asked to provide a password to secure your certificate.

Once your application has been sent, you will then receive an email with a link and an application code.

You will then need to take this code with proof of ID to the FNMT or Tax Agency offices to verify your identity.

You can use the following official page to find your nearest verifying office.

Some offices may require an appointment so make sure you make one before attending in person if required.

After you have attended the verification appointment, you will then be sent another email that will contain a link to download your digital certificate.

When you click the link you will be asked for similar details as requested initially such as surname and NIE number along with the code you received via email.

The certificate will then be installed in your web browser and used to verify your identity when carrying out any future administrative tasks online.

Copying Your Certificate To Another Device

You can export your new digital certificate to another device if you wish.

How you do it will depend on your browser and operating system.

If using Google Chrome, you can right-click the page, click ‘Inspect’, then ‘Security’ and ‘View Certificate’.

Then go to the ‘Details’ tab and ‘Copy to file’.

When installing the certificate to another device you will need to use the same password you used previously in the process above.

And that’s all there is to it!

Once installed the time you take to undertake any administrative tasks in Spain will be dramatically reduced.