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Health checkup Do You Have To Take A Medical Examination When Applying For And Renewing A Spanish Driving Licence? Expat Tips

Many of Spain’s administration tasks scare the life out of most foreigners as the procedures are generally different to what they are used to back home.

When driving in Spain there are a number of considerations, especially when it comes to driving licences.

Something many people ask when applying for or renewing a Spanish licence is whether they need to take a medical examination or not.

Below we will cover this question along with information on the examinations and when your licences should be renewed.

Do I need to take a medical exam when applying for or renewing my licence?

The simple answer is YES you do.

Before you obtain a new licence or renew your existing one, you will need to pass a psychophysical examination at one of the many Driver Recognition Centers (CRC).

The same applies if you are swapping your licence for a Spanish one.

The examination was updated in the summer of 2022 from the original 2007 version and reflects the recommendations of medical experts throughout the EU.

The test consists of a simple set of observations carried out by doctors, psychologists and ophthalmologists. The aim of the examination is to determine whether a driver is fit and healthy enough to drive without putting other road users at risk.

To do this they check the driver's medical history and carry out a series of psychophysical tests.

The tests include:-

  • General questions about your health
  • Blood pressure check and pulmonary auscultation
  • Eyesight test
  • Hearing and audiometry test
  • Mobility, strength and coordination tests
  • Psychological test

When do I have to renew my Spanish driving licence?

Up to the age of 65, licences must be renewed every 10 years.

Between 65 and 70 years, the licence must be renewed every five years.

From 70, the licence must be renewed every two years.

Note that you do not have to resit the driving test.

The fee to renew the licence is currently 24.58 euros, however, this is waived for those over the age of 70.

If for medical reasons the permit is issued for less than five years, the following fees will apply.

  • Up to 4 years: The fee is 19.67 euros
  • Up to 3 years: The fee is 14.75 euros
  • Up to 2 years: The fee is 9.83 euros
  • Up to 1 year: The fee is 4.92 euros

The medical exams can be taken at one of the Driver Recognition Centers, or at one of the DGT Traffic Offices. To make an appointment at the DGT offices, you will need to call 060. Appointments with a CRC are made directly.

If my licence has expired, how long before I can drive again?

When you pass the test you will be issued with a provisional licence which permits you to drive for up to three months. Note that you can only drive within Spain using a provisional licence.

How long before I receive my new licence?

As a rule of thumb, your new licence should be delivered to your home within 6 weeks.

You can learn more about renewing your Spanish driving licences via the official DGT website.

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