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REVEALED: The Most Popular Spanish Villages For Foreign Property Buyers In 2023 Expat Tips

Spain remains a beacon for foreign property buyers, with nearly 15 percent of all property transactions catering to international investors. While major cities still hold allure, the charm of smaller villages and towns, some with less than 5,000 inhabitants cannot be denied. A comprehensive study conducted by Idealista, a prominent real estate marketplace, scrutinised website visits during June and July to unveil the ten most desirable Spanish villages for foreign property buyers in 2023.

What unites these villages is their coastal proximity or their accessibility to the sea. Here's a closer look at the top ten contenders:

Benitachell, Alicante (Valencia): Sitting 80 kilometres northeast of Alicante, Benitachell is a serene village adorned with mountain views. It sprawls from inland to the coast through multiple urbanisations, even housing a British International school.

The average property price stands at 2,965 euros/m2, making it a prime choice, and data for the months of June and July, show that Benitachell (Alicante) is the town with the highest volume of searches for housing from abroad.

Benitachell, Alicante

Begur, Girona (Catalonia): Begur rests atop a hill in Catalonia's Costa Brava region, slightly removed from the coast. Renowned for its proximity to idyllic coves, this picturesque town commands a higher than average property price, coming in at 3,435 euros/m2.

Pals, Girona (Catalonia): A short distance from Begur, Pals is a charming medieval village that appears frozen in time. Its quaint allure attracts tourists, offering an experience akin to living in a living museum. With a modest population of 2,528, property prices average around 2,568 euros/m2.

Pals, Girona, Catalonia

Llançà, Girona (Catalonia): Llançà graces the Alt Empordà area of Costa Brava, nestled between the Cap de Creus Natural Park and the French border. Accommodating around 4,914 residents, properties here bear an average cost of 2,121 euros/m2.

Arenales del Sol, Alicante (Valencia): A mere 12 kilometres south of Alicante city, Arenales del Sol offers both residential tranquillity and a scenic beach area. Its proximity to Alicante-Elche International Airport enhances its appeal for holiday homeowners and frequent travellers. The cost of owning a property here averages 2,268 euros/m2.

Frigiliana, Málaga (Andalusia): Perched in the hills above Nerja, the postcard-worthy village of Frigiliana captures hearts with its white-washed charm. In fact 55 percent of residents are foreigners.

Boasting an Old Moorish quarter and stunning views down to the coast, properties here average around 2,489 euros/m2.

Frigiliana, Spain

Cómpeta, Málaga (Andalusia) Main Picture: Just north of Frigiliana in the Axarquía region, Cómpeta sits at the foot of the Sierra Almijara. Its international appeal is evident in its diverse population, with nearly half of its 3,814 residents being foreigners. In fact during June and July 61 percent of online searches were from international residents. The average property price is 1,489 euros/m2.

Ses Salines, Mallorca (Balearic Islands): Located close to Mallorca's southern tip, Ses Salines municipality is steeped in history, particularly related to salt production. With a population of around 5,200, it enjoys proximity to some of the island's most exquisite coastlines. The average property price is 3,245 euros/m2.

Alcossebre, Castellón (Valencia): Along the Costa Azahar in northern Valencia, Alcossebre shines as a quaint seaside village adorned with vibrant houses. With around 7,000 residents, it boasts a relaxed pace of life and an average property price of 1,897 euros/m2.

Alcossebre beach

Ponga (Asturias): Intriguingly, Ponga represents northwestern Spain on this list. Located in Asturias, it sits along the border with Castilla y León amidst high peaks. The furthest village from the coast on this list, it boasts a modest population of 574.

69 percent of online searches came from abroad and the cost of owning a property here is 940 euros/m2.

It isn’t surprising that Ponga is on the list, as the municipality offered 3,000 euros to couples who would settle permanently in the village and another 3,000 euros for each child born in the village. As such, the place made both the national and international news.

These ten villages epitomise the allure of Spain's diverse coastline, attracting foreign property buyers seeking a tranquil and picturesque lifestyle. From the iconic white villages of Andalusia to the hidden gems in Asturias, these locations beckon with their unique charm and coastal beauty.

As Spain's property market continues to captivate international investors, these villages emerge as the epitome of coastal living dreams.