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Irish flag with three passports sticking out of the top How To Renew An Irish Passport When Living In Spain Expat Tips

If you are an Irish national living in Spain long term, there may come a time when you will need to renew or replace a lost or stolen passport.

Don't despair though, as to do so is really straightforward and can be done in a couple of ways.

How Can I Renew My Irish Passport from Spain?

The two options are:-

  • Renew online (Must be over 18 and a previous passport holder)
  • Renew via post to the Irish Embassy in Madrid

Renew Online

If you are over the age of 18, a current passport holder and do not wish to change your name on your passport, you may apply online at

To apply via the website you will need to have a digital photograph, email address, and a credit or debit card to make a payment. Also, note that you may only apply online if you have less than 12 months of validity remaining on your existing passport.

Applying online takes around 10 minutes to do.

Renew via Post to the Irish Embassy in Madrid

An alternative way to renew your Irish passport is to apply via post to the Irish Embassy in Madrid. Simply obtain and complete the APS2G/E application form, attach any required documentation and photos and send to the Irish Embassy. (See further below).

Application Form

In order to apply by post, you will need to complete the APS2 form. There are two versions which are APS2G (In Irish) or APS2E (In English).

You can obtain the form by either

Required Documentation and Photographs

When sending your application, will need to include the following documents.

  • A completed APS2G/E form
  • 4 Passport photographs (2 witnessed)
  • Your previous passport if you have one
  • A long-form birth certificate, which must be included for all under 18s and for adults if you have lost your passport, or if applying for your first passport.
  • Civil Marriage Certificate (If changing your name)
  • Self-addressed 'Postal Express' plastic envelope, available at any Spanish Correos.

You will need to provide four identical passport photographs that need to be less than six months old.

The person witnessing your photos will also need to write the form number (provided in section 9 of the APS2G/E form) on the back of two of the photos. They will also need to sign the back of two of the photos.

See the following page for further guidelines on photographs

Witnessing of Your Application

Your application and photos will need to be witnessed by a person of good standing within the community such as:-

  • Police officer
  • Member of clergy
  • Medical doctor
  • Lawyer
  • Bank manager/assistant bank manager
  • Elected public representative
  • Peace commissioner
  • School principal/vice principal
  • Accountant

The person will need to still be working in either Spain, Tunisia, or Andorra.

You will need to sign section 8 of the form in the presence of the witness.

Irish passport, map and camera

Sending Your Application

Once completed, you will need to send your APS2E/G form, supporting documents, and photographs to the following address.

Embajada de Irlanda
Passport Section,
Paseo de la Castellana 46, 4,
28046 Madrid

Tel: +34 914 364 093 (09.30 to 13.00)
Fax: +34 914 351 677

It is recommended that you send this information via registered delivery.

Passport Fees

Passport Application via the Embassy

Adult 10-Year Passport - €75.00
Adult Large 10-Year Passport - €105.00
Minor 0-17 Years of Age, 5-Year Passport - €20.00

Online Renewal

Adult 10-Year Passport - €75.00
Adult Large 10-Year Passport - €105.00
Passport Card - €35.00
Standard Passport plus Passport Card - €100.00
Large Passport plus Passport Card - €130.00

When you apply online, there is an additional €15 postal fee if you live outside Ireland.

Making Payment

If you are applying to renew your passport via post, you will need to make payment via bank transfer to the following bank account.

BANK Account Name: Embajada de Irlanda
BANK Address: BBVA, C/Claudio Coello 92, Madrid 28006
Bank Account No: 0182 1932 44 0201542340
IBAN Code: ES90 0182 1932 44 0201542340

For online passport and passport card renewals, you will need to pay via credit/debit card during the online process.

How Long Does It Take?

10 working days for online applications and 8 weeks for paper applications. These timings can take up to 3 months during busy periods.

Please note that these timings do not include postage delivery times.

Lost and Stolen Passport Procedure

If you live in Spain and your Irish passport has been lost or stolen, you will need to take the following steps.

Report the loss or theft to your nearest police station (Comisaria). You can do this in one of three ways.

  • In-Person - You can report the loss or theft in person via a police station. For a full list of local police stations in Spain, please see the following page
  • By Phone - If you would rather make a report via telephone in English you may do so by calling 902 102 112. The English service is available between 9 am and 9 pm. Once done you will need to collect a copy of the report from your nearest police station.
  • Online - You can also make a police report online at but this service is only in Spanish.

You must then apply for a new passport via post to the Irish Embassy in Madrid as outlined above.

You will also need to provide additional supporting documentation including:-

  • An additional form of photo identification such as a certified copy of a driver's licence, student card, work ID, social club membership or passport from another country.
  • Evidence of entitlement to Irish citizenship, where applicable
  • Documentary evidence to show the use of the name, e.g. payslips; records of unemployment or disability payment; bank statement; college registration, etc.; and
  • Evidence of residency at the application address, e.g. utility bills; official correspondence from the public or private sector, etc.

How to Track Your Passport Application

Tracking your passport application is very easy. Simply visit the following web address and enter your passport application ID.

Contacting the Passport Office

The Passport office is open to the general public Monday to Friday from 10 am-2 pm. The contact number for passport queries is +34 91 4364093 Monday to Friday 9.30 am-1 pm. You can also contact the passport office via email using the contact form at

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