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Couple sitting on sofa looking at laptop computer How To Easily Change Your Address With The Spanish Authorities Expat Tips

Moving home can be a complete nightmare when it comes to updating all the relevant authorities about your new address. In some cases, you can be fined if you fail to notify the respective agency.

But fear not. You won’t need to visit a dozen different offices to update them on your change of address.

There is a website provided by the Spanish government which allows you to update several different government agencies in one go including the General Directorate of Traffic (Dirección General de Tráfico/DGT), the Tax Agency (Agencia Tributaria/AEAT), the General Directorate of the Police (Dirección General de la Policía/DGP), General Treasury of Social Security (Tesorería General de La Seguridad Social/TGSS) and the Social Security office (Seguridad Social/INSS).

You will need to update your new local town hall first (Ayuntamiento) to make sure you are added to the padrón. Then click on the link below.

Note that the website is in Spanish. If your Spanish isn’t too good you could always use Google Translate to translate the pages to English or get a Spanish-speaking friend to help you.

If you have already applied electronically to update your address, there is also a section on the main page where you can check the progress.

To update your address, you will need a cl@ve Pin or cl@ve Permanente digital identity certificate to authenticate yourself electronically. The cl@ave is used online to perform many of the administration tasks electronically. You can find out more on how to set this up here in English.

We have never used this service ourselves before, so please feel free to share your experience of using the service with us so we can improve this information and help others.