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Plaza de Espana, Seville How To Get A Certificate Of Non-Residency For Spain Expat Tips

If you are a property owner in Spain or intend to purchase a property here, there could come a time when you need to affirm your residency status.

The certificate of non-residency or ‘Certificado de no Residente’ is one such document that you can obtain in Spain to confirm your residency status to the different Spanish authorities.

In this article, we will cover:-

  • What the certificate of non-residency is
  • Who may need one
  • Why you might need to have one
  • How to apply for the certificate
  • Costs involved
  • And more..

Let’s take a look.

What is a certificate of non-residency in Spain?

The certificate of non-residency or ‘Certificado de no Residente’ in Spanish is an official document for use by both EU and non-EU citizens who wish to prove their residency status for economic, social, or professional reasons.

Who needs one and why?

Most commonly, it is those who are classed as non-residents in Spain (in Spain for less than 183 days each year) who need one.

But when would the document be used?

The document can be used to prove to the authorities that you are not a permanent resident in Spain. The certificate is most commonly used by those who may own a property in Spain (holiday home), but only stay in it periodically throughout the year.

A certificate of non-residency often needs to be obtained to open a non-resident bank account. This proves to the bank that you are not a Spanish resident and that you are eligible for the non-resident account.

Those who own a property in Spain usually need a bank account in Spain to help pay the utility bills such as electricity, I.B.I (council tax), and community fees.

As many banks will not allow you to open an account unless you can prove your residency status, the Certificado de no Residente can be used to verify this.

Another good reason to have this is to show the Spanish authorities including the traffic police that you are not a Spanish resident. This will come in especially handy if you are driving a foreign-plated car as this is illegal for Spanish residents.

How to apply for the non-resident certificate

You can apply at the nearest national police station in your province that has a foreigner's department and which offers the relevant service or at one of the immigration offices.

You may also apply at your nearest Spanish consulate in your home country if not in Spain.

When applying you will need to provide the following documentation:-

  • Copy of your valid passport, travel document or registration certificate or identity document if the applicant is a citizen of the European Union.
  • Communication of economic, professional, or social causes that justify the request.
  • Completed and signed form (EX-15) in duplicate.

How much does it cost?

The current price is 7.31 Euros with the Model Code 052 790 if applying at the immigration office or Model 012 if applying at the police station.

Turnaround time for the certificate is around five days from the receipt of the application.

You can view, download, and print the payment form here.

If you wish to make the payment online, you will need a digital certificate or a Clave Electronic Identity.

How long are the certificates valid for?

Any certificates that are issued are valid for a maximum of three months.

View the official page for the Certificado de no Residente.