Deal or No-Deal: MPs To Vote After May Crushing Spain News

British MPs will have another vote on whether the country will leave the EU with a deal or not after Theresa May received a crushing blow in Tuesday nights vote.

Despite the PM making some last minute concessions to the withdrawal agreement, MPs rejected it for a second time by 391 votes to 242.

The result means that the destiny of the UK in the EU will now be left to MPs, who will have a vote on Wednesday to determine whether the UK can leave the EU without a deal on the 29th of March.

One senior Conservative MP even went as far as to say that the British public would be exasperated with how politicians hand handled the mess.

The result was a bitter blow to Prime Minister May leaving her with very little in the way of authority. She said “Let me be clear. Voting against leaving without a deal and for an extension does not solve the problems we face.

The EU will want to know what use we mean to make of such an extension and this House will have to answer that question.

Does it wish to revoke Article 50? Does it want to hold a second referendum? Or does it want to leave with a deal, but not this deal?

These are unenviable choices. Thanks to the decision that the House has made this evening, they are choices that must now be faced.

Tonight, MPs will head back to the commons to vote with the choice of leaving without a deal or not.

If MP’s vote for a no-deal, the UK will leave the EU on the 29th of March 2019 and revert to World Trade Organisation trade rules.

The Prime Minister said: "If the House votes to leave without a deal on the 29th of March it will be the policy of the Government to implement that decision.

If MPs vote against a no-deal, then another vote will need to take place on Thursday on whether to extend Article 50 and delay Brexit. Theresa May would have to go back to the EU and seek approval from the EU27 for the extension.