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How Did Brexit Affect Spanish Property Owners? Expat Tips

The UK finally left the European Union at the end of 2020 after four years of intense debate, not to mention much worry and confusion for the many British nationals who call Spain their home. With UK nationals no longer considered to be EU citizens, from January 2021, certain processes and legal...

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With the Brexit transition period soon to end on December 31, it is important to know how British travellers to the EU will be affected. On January...

Spanish police officer Police In Spain: A Guide To The Three Spanish Police Forces Expat Tips

One thing that really stands out when you first move to Spain is just how many police officers there are on the streets. And although it can be...

Red British passport with plane in background What ‘Swallows’ And Second Homeowners In Spain Need To Know About Travel Post-Brexit Expat Tips

With just two months left before the transition period comes to an end, it is important that we all know where we stand in regards to travelling in...