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The Two New ITV Tests Your Car Will Have To Pass From July Expat Tips

From July 1, a new version of the Inspection Procedure Manual for all ITV stations will come into force, bringing new changes to the Technical Inspection of Vehicles (ITV).

Amongst the changes is the reinstatement of two tests that were previously dropped during the Covid pandemic, due to the fact that access to the interior of the vehicle was needed.

From next Friday, July 1, ITV tests will include the verification of the chassis number or VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and the checking of the electronic control unit of the vehicle, using the OBD reader.

The vehicle's chassis number or VIN, is just like our own NIE number. It is a unique amalgamation of 17 alphanumeric digits that identifies the vehicles that are marketed in Europe.

During the ITV test, the number will be checked to verify the vehicle exists, check that the number hasn’t been tampered with or is incomplete and finally to check that it matches the number in the vehicle's documentation.

The chassis number will be located in one of three places; stamped on the vehicle's chassis, on the manufacturer’s plate or engraved on the vehicle's dashboard (visible through the front window).

The electronic control unit will also be checked using the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) reader. This is a system that allows an external computer to connect with the electronic control unit of the vehicle. Its purpose is to verify the absence of errors or unauthorised modifications within the electronic control unit.

During the ITV test and thanks to the on-board computer, the emission system of vehicles with EURO 5 levels (only categories M1 and N1), EURO 6 and EURO VI, will from now on, be checked.

How often must an ITV test be taken in Spain?

If you have a relatively new car and it is less than four years old, the good news is that you don’t need to take it for an ITV test.

Between four and ten years old, the ITV must be taken every two years.

Beyond 10 years, the ITV must be taken annually.

Like cars, motorcycles are exempt for the first four years and then they must have an ITV test every two years.

Mopeds do not need to be tested for the first three years, but then must be tested every two years.

Vans and goods vehicles must have an ITV every two years once they are 10 years old.

What’s the current cost of an ITV?

The cost of an ITV test will naturally vary depending on the vehicle to be tested.

You can find out more about the ITV test in Spain including the price via our ITV in Spain page.