ANDALUCIA: ITV Inspection Delays Due To Staff Shortages Spain News

ITV testing stations in the Andalucia region are struggling to cope with the number of vehicle inspections due to staff shortages, causing long delays for many motorists.

Drivers who are trying to obtain an appointment are experiencing delays of up to two months, with many queuing from dawn desperately trying to get an inspection without a prior appointment.

The general secretary of the PSOE of Malaga and Andalusian Parliamentarian, Jose Luis Ruiz Espejo has accused the regional PP government for the lack of staff and for trying to worsen the service. Espejo believes that by worsening the public service, which is currently run by Veiasa, they will have an argument for its privatisation.

"They are deteriorating the service to justify the privatization," said Ruiz Espejo, who has visited the El Viso facilities with the regional parliamentarian Francisco Conejo.

In the nine ITV stations in the Malaga province, it is impossible to get an appointment before the beginning of March due to the lack of staff, especially inspectors.

The shortage of inspectors is said to be down to the fact that as people have retired or have been fired in the past, no replacements have been taken on.

In December, temporary staff were hired to try to fix the problem but unfortunately the root cause has still not been addressed.

If your ITV is due in the next couple of months, it is advisable that you get your appointment booked as quickly as possible to avoid the long queues.

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