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Extra Option - Income Protection

The Income Protection extra option provides you with a subsidy of €60 per day for out of pocket expenses if you become hospitalised and is payable from the first day of hospitalisation. This additional cover can be added to your policy at any time during the life of the policy and can be taken on an individual basis. This cover is available for new members between the ages of 16 and 64.

Important information

Annual limits

An annual limit applies to how much you can claim and/or the number of times you can claim for extras. At the beginning of each year, your benefit limits are renewed allowing you to claim benefits again. Annual limits are calculated per person, per calendar year. This option can be claimed for a maximum of 365 days.

Qualification periods

Before you can start claiming, you must be in your chosen cover for a set period of time. Members can only claim benefits after they have served the relevant qualification period. There is an 8 month qualification period for this option.

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Income Protection Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the income protection option?

Anyone under the age of 75. Once the option has been purchased there is an age limit of 75 to remain insured with this option.

If my policy is going to be for 2 adults can we choose which insured person has the income protection option?

Yes, If you decide to purchase the income protection option then you choose which insured person on your policy take the option.

Do any of your health insurance plans include the income protection for free?

Yes. If you purchase the Sanitas Premium 500 plan then this option is included for free.

Are there any qualification periods for the income protection option?

Yes. There is an 8 month qualification period before you can use any services associated with this option.

Are there any discounts If I decide to include all insured persons on my policy with the income protection option?


Are pre-existing conditions / medical history taken into consideration if I purchase the income protection option?

Yes. These will be evaluated at the time your application is assessed for approval.

Why should I consider adding the income protection option to my overall cover?

Being in hospital is not fun! Especially If you need to be at work to earn those euros. This option will provide you with peace of mind knwing that some of your financial responbilities will be taken care of.

Is there a maximum number of days that I can claim for this option?

Yes. The maximum number of times this option can be claimed for is 90 days each year.

Can I claim if I am in hospital having a baby?

Yes, one allowance of six days can be claimed for.

Can I use the income protection option outside of Spain

No - this option will only cover you with Spain and its islands. If you need a prescription this can also be arranged by a non sanitas network provider but they must have a practice in Spain.

Is there a maximum nuber of times that I can use this option? what other limits are there?

There is no limit on the number of times you use the services, however, the maximum amount that will be reimbursed is 50% of €400.

How do I claim if I use this option?

You can claim by completing / submitting the following documentation:

  • Application form for compensation (available from any of our sanitas offices).
  • Original prescriptions for hospital services
  • Medical report
When is the compensation paid to me?

All payments are made within 40 days from the date the receipt was lodged.

How do I add the income protection option to my quote?

You can add any extra option to your overall quote when you complete our online application form.

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