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Extra Option - Pharmacy

Our pharmacy option allows you to claim back 50% on all of your prescribed drugs and medicines up to a maximum of €200. So for example, If your annual prescription costs were €400, you would receive reimbursement of €200 for the year.

This additional cover can only be added on contraction or renewal of the health insurance plan you contract.

There are no waiting times or exclusions with this option. All insured parties on your policy must take the option.

The age limits are 0-75 years of age.

Important information

Annual limits

An annual limit applies to how much you can claim and/or the number of times you can claim for extras. At the beginning of each year, your benefit limits are renewed allowing you to claim benefits again. Annual limits are calculated per person, per calendar year.

Waiting periods

Before you can start claiming, you must be in your chosen cover for a set period of time (known as a waiting period). Members can only claim benefits after they have served the relevant waiting period. The pharmacy extra option does not have any qualification periods.

Percentage back

Every time you claim for pharmacy you will receive 50% back until you reach your annual limit. So, if you visit your doctor for a prescription and it costs €40, you know you'll get €20 back in your wallet.


Pharmacy Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the pharmacy option?

Anyone under the age of 75. Once the option has been purchased there is no age limit to remain insured with this option.

If my policy is going to be for 2 adults can we choose which insured person has the pharmacy option?

If you decide to purchase the pharmacy option then this must be purchased for all insured persons on the policy.

Do any of your health insurance plans include the pharmacy option for free?

Yes. If your purchase the Sanitas Premium 500 plan then this option is included for free.

Are there any qualification periods attached to the pharmacy option?


Are there any discounts If I decide to include all insured persons on my policy with the pharmacy option?


Are pre-existing conditions / medical history taken into consideration if I purchase the pharmacy option?


Why should I consider adding the pharmacy option to my overall cover?

Pharmaceutical costs can mount up! If you use a pharmacy quite a few times throughout the year then this option will definitely cut costs for you.

How do I add the pharmacy option to my quote?

You can add any extra option to your overall quote when you complete our online application form.

Can I use the pharmacy option outside of Spain

No - this option will only cover you with Spain and its islands. If you need a prescription this can also be arranged by a non sanitas network provider but they must have a practice in Spain.

Is there a maximum nuber of times that I can use this option? what other limits are there?

There is no limit on the number of times you use the services, however, the maximum amount that will be reimbursed is 50% of €400.

How do I request reimbursements if I use these services?

You can apply for reimbursement of pharmacy items by logging into your MiSanitas online account. Enter the details requested, upload the receipt and medical report and then monitor the status.

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