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Sanitas Dental Milenium

Sanitas Dental Milenium is a complete and comprehensive dental insurance that gives you direct access to over 170 milenium dental clinics and a large network of highly qualified dental professions.

Dental Milenium gives you over 40 free treatments, which are included free within the cover with additional discounts of up to 40% for over 160 other treatments.

There are no age restrictions to the policy and children under the age of 6 may also be added completely free of charge.

40 free services included More than 40 free services included
Exclusive discounts Exclusive discounts of up to 40% are available to all policyholders for over 160 other treatments.
170 Milenium dental clinics Access to over 170 Milenium dental clinics
Emergency video consultations Emergency video consultations available at the weekend.
No age limits No age limits
Use your insurance from the very first day Use your insurance from the very first day
latest technology The latest technology and highest quality materials
24 hour telephone emergency service 24 hour telephone emergency service
available to both new and existing Sanitas customers Dental Premium is available to both new and existing Sanitas customers.
Easy access to our dentists Easy access to our dentists with all treatments and diagnostic tests performed in the same centre.
reduction in the price of treatments We appreciate your loyalty and reward you with a reduction in the price of treatments when renewing your insurance.
Conservative Dentistry
Tooth Whitening

There are two options for contracting your Dental Milenium policy which are:-

With co-payment With co-payment:
Includes a simple co-payment for each visit and only when any included services are performed regardless of the number of treatments that are received on the day.
Without co-payment Without co-payment:
With this option, you will have the peace of mind that your insurance cover includes all co-payments for any received treatments.

Save up to €164 with Sanitas Dental Milenium...

**PVP Sanitas Dental Milenium
Average Industry **PVP
Mouth cleaning
50 €
36 €
50 €
Simple extraction
100 €
36 €
200 €

Total savings of up to 164 €

** PVP - Public Price

Services & Treatments

Services & Treatments

The following treatments and services are included within your Dental Milenium policy cover.

Included in your insurance

Preventative Dentistry
  • General consultation including screening and diagnosis
  • Topical fluoridation
  • Dental cleaning
  • Treatment of tooth sensitivity
  • Sealant of fissures
  • Priority emergency consultations


  • Simple extraction Tail extraction not included
  • Tail extraction including more dental cysts
  • Removal of dental piece included plus dental cysts
  • Removal of root remains
  • Removal by odontosection
  • Postoperative revision (includes removal of sutures)
Aesthetic Dentistry

Whitening - Photoactivation whitening splint (for treatments performed in the same clinic)

Pediatric Dentistry (Under 15 years of age)
  • General consultation
  • Oral health education
  • Intraoral x-ray
  • Topical fluoridations
  • Crack sealer
  • Mouth cleaning
  • Teeth extraction
  • Temporary filling

Occlusal analysis

  • Non-surgical treatments
  • Periodontal assessment
  • Periodontal x-ray series
  • Complementary treatments
  • General consultations
  • Radiological study for orthodontics
  • Removal of temporary teeth
  • Simple extraction
  • 1st replacement metal brackets
  • 1st replacement ceramic brackets
  • 1st replacement self-ligating brackets
  • 1st replacement sapphire brackets
  • 1st replacement self-ligating aesthetic brackets
  • Orthodontic mouthguard (for treatments performed in the same clinic)
  • Implant study
  • Implant maintenance for treatments under warranty Milenium
Diagnostic Imaging
  • Periapical/bitewing/occlusal radiography
  • Lateral cranium x-ray
  • Orthopantomography (panoramic)
  • Cephalometry
  • Photographs and slides
  • CAT scan (dental)
Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

Occlusion analysis

Service Description

Preventative Dentistry

General consultation including screening and diagnosis: A general consultation with a dentist where all of your past dental history is collected, an exploration of the mouth for correct diagnosis and the most effective treatment.

Topical fluoridation: During this treatment, fluoride is applied to the surface of the teeth to prevent cavities. The treatment will increase the strength of the enamel and protect them from acids and bacterial plaque.

Dental cleaning: Removal of tartar on the teeth and external pigmentations. Tartar is made up of plaque, bacteria, food remains and calcium and sticks to the teeth. It is important to remove this build up to avoid periodontal disease.

Treatment of tooth sensitivity: Fluoride is applied to the surface of the teeth to reduce pain and sensitivity.

Sealant of fissures: This is a preventive measure where holes and fissures in the teeth are covered with a protective resin forming a barrier to prevent tooth decay.



Simple extraction - A simple tooth extraction.

Tail extraction not included - Wisdom teeth and the third molar are commonly referred to as the tail. Not included means that it is on the outside of the jaw.

Tail extraction including dental cysts - The tail is referred to as the wisdom tooth and third molar which is house inside the maxillary bone. A dental cyst is a cavity which contains liquid or a pus like substance.

Extraction of radicular remains: These are extractions of the root remains which may have been left after a difficult extraction or damage by a cavity.

Extraction by odontosection: This is when a tooth is intentionally fractured to help facilitate an extraction.

Aesthetic Dentistry

Tooth whitening - Tooth whitening by photo-activation.

Pediatric Dentistry (Under 15 years of age)

General consultation - A general consultation with a dentist. The patients information is collected along with their dental history. An exploration of the dental cavity is undertaken to enable the dentist to make an analysis and recommend the most effective treatment.

Oral health education - The dentist will discuss any preventative measures the patient can take in order to maintain good dental health and hygiene.

Intraoral x-ray - Radiographic plates are inserted into the mouth so that x-rays may be taken to analyse the oral cavity.

Topical fluoridation - Fluoride is applied to the outside surface of the teeth to help protect them from tooth decay. This then protects the teeth by strengthening the enamel and protect them from bacterial plaque.

Crack sealer - Also known as a fissure sealant, it is a preventative procedure where cracks and pits in the teeth are filled with a resin to protect them from decay.

Cleaning/Oral Hygiene - Process of removing tartar from the teeth which can lead to periodontal disease.

Tooth extraction - The removal of a tooth or part of a tooth of the maxillary bone.


Occlusal analysis: A procedure the relationships between the two arches are analysed and to ascertain occlusal stability.



Periodontal assessment - Clinical procedure to adequately perform a periodontal diagnosis.

Periodontal x-ray series A radiographic analysis where a two dimensional view of the teeth and the surrounding structures are performed.



Radiological stuff for orthodontics: A procedure that uses radiographics to permit the orthodontic study of the patient so that the correct diagnosis can be obtained. The procedure comprises of extraoral and intraoral photographs.

Tooth Extraction: The removal of a tooth or part of the tooth.

Diagnostic Imaging

Periapical Radiography - A form of x-ray that explores the whole tooth from the crown to the apex. It also serves to investigate the periodontal space and surrounding bone tissue.

X-Ray - Dental x-rays are a diagnostic procedure used by the dentist to identify areas of decay, bone loss, abscesses, tumors and more.

Occlusal radiograph: A diagnostic procedure where different sized plates are placed in the mouth.

Periodontal radiography: A form of radiography to diagnose periodontal disease.

Lateral radiography of the skull: Used to identify dentoskeletal issues which may produce a non-aesthetic profile or bad bite.

Orthopantomography - A form of panoramic radiography used to obtain a dental X-ray of the upper and lower jaw.

Cephalometry: A diagnostic radiograph used for orthodontic treatment planning.

Computerized axial tomography - Also known as a CAT scan is used by dentists for diagnostic purposes to create three-dimensional image of the mouth and teeth.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

Occlusal analysis: A study of the relationship of the occlusal surfaces of the teeth and associated functional harmonies.



Where can i use my Sanitas Dental Milenium insurance?. Is it a network of dentists or can I use any dentist in Spain?

You can use your Sanitas Dental Milenium insurance at any of our 180 Milenium dental centres located in every province in Spain. When you join will have online access to choose a Milenium center of your choice.

Are there any qualification periods before i can receive treatment?

No, there are no qualification periods for the Sanitas Dental Milenium plan - You can use your plan from day one.

Are there any co-payments (excesses) for using the services?

The Sanitas Dental Milenium has 2 versions: “with *co-payments” and “without *co-payments” - If you decide to purchase the version “with *co-payments” then each of the included services will incur a charge of three euros per service. (e.g. A teeth cleaning appointment would incur a co-payment of €3).

Do I have to pay for services not included in the policy or do they get added to my account to be paid later?

Please see our price list - All items marked “inc” are included (or €3 if you have purchased the version of this policy that has co-payments (excesses)). All other items are discounted at 40% but must be paid for a the time of the treatment. If you need a lot of treatment for services that are not included then financing is also available from your local Milenium dental clinic.

How much is each version of this policy?

With co-payments (excesses of €3 per service) - €7.70 per person per month or €7.40 per person per month if purchased alongside the following health insurance plans:

HealthPlan Complete
Sanitas Primero

Can I purchase Sanitas Dental Milenium separately or does it have to be added to a health insurance plan?

You can purchase Sanitas Dental Milenium in 2 different ways - As a standalone product or as an extra option.

How much does the standalone version of Sanitas Dental Milenium (no co-payments) cost?

The Sanitas Dental Milenium plan is €8.95 if purchased as a standalone product. If you purchase Sanitas Dental Milenium as an extra option (i.e. along with a health insurance policy then the price is reduced to €7.40.

How much does the standalone version of Sanitas Dental Milenium (with co-payments) cost?

The Sanitas Dental Milenium plan is €7.70 if purchased as a standalone product. If you purchase Sanitas Dental Milenium as an extra option (i.e. along with a health insurance policy then the price is reduced to €7.40.

Dental Milenium Services & Tarrifs

from €7.70 per person per month

Premium valid during the first contractual annuity for new registrations of new policies with effect date between 01/01/2024 and 31/12/2024 on which the surcharge of the Insurance Compensation Consortium will be applied 0.15% of the premium net Maximum age of employment 60 years and without limit of age of permanence.